Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Evidence-Based, Holistic Programs

The RESPOND Project’s work to design and execute holistic programs based on evidence and data relied on two innovative and useful approaches: Version 3 of Reality Check: A Planning and Advocacy Tool for Strengthening Family Planning Programs and the SEED™ Programming Model.

  • RESPOND assisted decision makers and stakeholders in a number of countries to set realistic family planning goals and plan for appropriate service expansion to meet them by introducing Reality Check. This easy-to-use tool generates data for evidence-based advocacy and strategic planning in family planning programs.
  • RESPOND addressed the multifaceted determinants of health by employing the Supply–Enabling Environment–Demand (SEED™) Programming Model, both at the global level and in country programs. SEED is a holistic paradigm for program design and management, one that ensures that program managers and policymakers are fully aware of the broad range of factors affecting service delivery and access.

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