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Prototype Assessment Tools for Postabortion Care (PAC)
The Prototype Assessment Tools for Postabortion Care (PAC) Services were developed for a five-day conference held in October 2013 in Saly, Senegal (the Second Regional Francophone West Africa Postabortion Care Meeting: Strengthening Postabortion Family Planning in West Africa), which consisted of more than 60 participants from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Rwanda, and Senegal. These checklists are revised versions of the PAC Checklists, part of the PAC Global Resources Package, which assist those involved in PAC policies, service delivery, education, or community sensitization to evaluate their current systems and tools. In preparation for this meeting, the checklists were analyzed and revised in light of EngenderHealth’s Supply–Enabling Environment–Demand (SEED) Programming Model, a holistic programming model that emphasizes the need to strengthen programs through interventions focused on supply (e.g., provider skills, availability of commodities), demand (e.g., knowledge in the community of available health services), and the enabling environment (e.g., policies supportive of services). The checklists were used by country teams to evaluate their national policies, service delivery, education, and community sensitization programs. These teams then prioritized the gaps and analyzed root causes, leading to the creation of road maps that were presented on the final day of the conference. These checklists can be adapted to serve as tools in other postabortion family planning programs and may be included in the revision of the PAC Global Services Package.
Available in English (PDF, 505 KB) and French (PDF, 500 KB)

A Guide to Action for Community Mobilization and Empowerment Focused on Postabortion Complications: Facilitator’s Manual
This training manual uses the Community Action Cycle, a participatory problem-solving approach, to help community members learn to identify, prioritize, and solve the major problems relating to postabortion care in their communities.
Available in English (PDF, 2.2 MB)

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