Materials by Type

Project and Technical Briefs highlight innovative programmatic approaches to sexual and reproductive health programming around the world. The briefs describe country-specific experiences, explore lessons learned, and provide guidance and recommendations.

Journal Articles in peer-reviewed publications represent a significant contribution to generating and spreading knowledge globally. These publications are analytic and summative articles that address important topics related to long-acting and permanent methods of contraception, including hormonal implants, female sterilization, vasectomy, contraceptive security, unmet need, demand for limiting, and rights.

Research Studies and Reports provide insight into the RESPOND Project’s results, techniques, and frameworks, particularly for long-acting and permanent methods of contraception (LA/PMs), within the context of contraceptive use and security and trends. These resources also highlight opportunities for improvement in LA/PM programming.

Tools, Training Manuals, and Job Aids are resources designed for the education and training of, as well as use by, health care workers, program managers, and policymakers to provide them with the knowledge and skills required in the domain of family planning programs.

Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Materials are essential resources for use in family planning programs to increase awareness of, knowledge of, and demand for family planning and related services.

Advocacy Materials and Videos are resources for illustrating the need for and importance of family planning and its central role in enabling individuals to achieve their desired reproductive intentions.

Presentations, largely from international conferences and learning events, provide glimpses into RESPOND Project successes, lessons learned, models, frameworks, and evidence for programming.

Additionally, materials can be viewed by topic or by country.

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