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RESPOND collaborated with a local Namibian partner, LifeLine/ChildLine (LL/CL), to deepen the policy dialogue in the government about the role of traditional gender norms as a key driver of the HIV epidemic in the country. RESPOND also built the capacity of PEPFAR partners and other key stakeholders to engage boys and men in HIV prevention.

Stay Healthy: A Gender-Transformative HIV Prevention Curriculum for Youth in Namibia
Developed in partnership with LifeLine/ChildLine in Namibia, this prototype curriculum is meant to be used to help youth better understand the role of gender norms in the HIV epidemic and adopt healthy behaviors. Stay Healthy focuses on delaying the onset of sexual intercourse, increasing the correct and consistent use of the male condom among sexually active youth, and decreasing multiple concurrent partners among sexually active youth. Set in a Namibian context, this highly interactive curriculum comprises a series of 18 linked sessions that can be easily adapted for use with youth in school and nonschool settings, as well as with youth in other countries.
Available in English (PDF, 2.0 MB)

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